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This spring marks the 10:th anniversary of EASY ACTION’s comeback show at the Sweden Rock Festival in 2006. The Swedish glam pioneers ZINNY ZAN (Shotgun Messiah, Zan Clan) and KEE MARCELLO (Europe, K2) had not played together for over 20 years, and the show was meant to be a one time thing.

Zinny Zan; -”.. but with the new members SIMON ROXX (Ammotrack, Volume Unit), BJÖRN ”Grizzly” HÖGLUND (The Summit, Martina Edoff) and MICHAEL GRIMM (Supergroupies) we had so much fun, and sounded so good … that we decided to have a go at it.”

The following years the band played several club dates and festivals, and supported TWISTED SISTER for a handful of Scandinavian dates. In 2008 the band released a new version of ”We Go Rocking”, and the new song ”Jack’s Back”. In 2009 the band had written enough material for a new album, and the basic tracks were laid down in September 2009. In 2011 the new album entitled ”Looking Up Your Old Address” was still not finished.

Björn ”Grizzly” Höglund: -”That’s when we lost Michael due to complications with his diabetes, and... well that’s where we left it. The album is still on the shelves.”

In January of 2016 the band retrieved a hard drive consisting of multi angle pro shot video footage of the 2006 show at the Sweden Rock Festival.

Björn ”Grizzly” Höglund: -”I started going through the footage and the energy of that show just hit me! We had something special in that line-up. Seeing Michael on that stage playing with his childhood favorite band, and all the fun we had, was moving to say the least .. But there was almost no audio recorded at the Sweden Rock show, so we decided do go back to the album we never finished. The song ”Drop The Bomb” was close enough to completion so we decided to use that.”

Ironically that song was written back in 1984 and intended for Easy Action’s sophomore album.

Zinny Zan; -”We wanted to close the book by at least releasing something from the would be album. If not for all the people who asked about the band .. then for Michael. Though I am sure that many of the songs we wrote will surface some way or another pretty soon.

"Drop The Bomb" is out NOW!




Also released today, for the first time on digital platforms, are the two songs we recorded with Chris Laney at Polar Studios in 2008. A re-recording of ”We Go Rocking” and the Zan/Marcello penned ”Jack’s Back”. How’s that for a Friday night huh..? Play it loud!


What´s up?

We have received quite a few e-mails from you guys recently, asking about what´s going on with the band. So here it is:

We had almost completed our new album in late 2009 when Kee decided to focus on his new autobiography  (in stores now) and to record not one, but TWO new solo albums. Then the loss of our bass player, and dear friend, Michael in May 2011 knocked us off our feet. So the truth is that Easy Action is in limbo while Kee is focusing on his solo career. But soon enough the four of us will come together and focus on the legacy of this band that we hold so dear.
Zinny and Grizzly recently spent time in the Bahamas to relax, hook up with friends, and write songs for Zinny´s upcoming solo album. So rest assured that the band still exists!
We have made a killer EASY ACTION-album, and we all feel confident that you will hear it someday. Until then; rock on rockers!
Zinny, Grizzly, Kee & Simon 



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