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The book about "Poster"

We strongly recommend that you check out "Boken om Poster" that is out now. In the 70:s no other publication made it´s mark on the youth of Scandinavia like POSTER.

Started by Tomas Hartwig in 1970 it filled the walls of Swedish homes with colourful posters and stories about KISS, ABBA, SEX PISTOLS, SWEET and everything that was happening at the time. Hartwig set up his own photosessions with bands passing through Sweden, and he made his mark as a rockphotographer that inspired many of todays big names. Of course he also shot the cover for Easy Action´s debut album in 1983, a picture that is also included in the book.
If you were a part of the scene back then, you can revisit it now in a very colorful POSTER way. Don´t miss it.



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