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In 2006, the original line-up of Easy Action was re-united for what was supposed to be a one of show at the world famous Sweden Rock Festival. Even if the original line-up wasn´t complete, it sure was the original IDEA of Easy Action that entered the stage in Karlshamn on June 8.

ZINNY: “In 2005 I was approached by a guy named Micke who used to book bands in Kalmar. He wanted to book my band Zan Clan for a show. The conversation turned to Easy Action and Micke told me about this idea of putting together a show with Easy Action and Hanoi Rocks. This never happened, but suddenly I started to hear rumours that Easy Action had plans of getting together! People had heared about the planned show, with the original line-up of Easy Action, that was supposed to happen, and suddenly there was a buzz!”

It is a well known fact that in 1983, the glory days for hard rock and heavy metal, Easy Action began a journey that later other Swedish bands like Hardcore Superstar, Backyard Babies and Crashdiet continued. Easy Action had sure made an impact on all of these bands.

ZINNY: “So by the end of 2005, the buzz had spread to Ingolf Johansson, the head bookingagent for Sweden Rock, and he made us an offer to play. I went to Peo and Kee. Chris and Freddie weren´t available. The three of us had dinner at my place and we decided to go with it. Peo did a few rehearsals, but eventually had to leave due to family reasons. He was having a kid in the same week as the festival.

Me and Kee both decided to go ahead anyway. We wanted to meet our audience once again, old and new, to say thank you for time passed. Sweden Rock was the time and place to do it.”

Enter Grizzly, Micael and Simon. Longtime friends and fans, who didn´t take the task of playing Easy Action songs lightly!

 ZINNY: “The show at Sweden Rock was a hit. Three things came to me and Kee very clearly. One: Being on stage together again, after so many years was a blast! Two: Micael, Grizzly and Simon came in with a new take on the old songs, and gave them a real kick in the ass! Three: there was a whole new audience out there for Easy Action. Kids from 15 to 25 wanted to see the band that once started the Scandinavian glam and sleaze trend”

Kee and Zinny suddenly had a decision to make.. There was no stopping them. Easy Action is back, with a few surprises up their sleeve..



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