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The Ritz 1984


These are the words from freelance photographer Johan Ödmann, who not only attended a classic night at the Ritz in 1984, but he also runs his own website filled with classic rock n´roll pictures! Check him out here!

What is your story with Easy Action?

As a young kid I started hanging out at various rock clubs in Stockholm in the early 80`s. As a matter of fact I was obsessed with rock music. I had this idea of capturing a moment in time with my camera. To do so I shot all the bands I could afford to go and see, and I shot all through the shows. I knew by experience that I could get that magic shot in the end of show. Now when I look through my negatives I realize that I also got a lot of interesting shots  all the way through a show.

I lived in Djursholm up until 1984 with my parents and had a darkroom where I processed all my b/w film and did the printing.
In the daytime I assisted photographers and in the nighttime I went to all the rock clubs such as Underground, Studion, Ritz, Mariahissen, Ratz, Glädjehuset etc…

I do remember a boy dressed all in black with black hair, really handsome, that used to get on the bus in Djursholm. He had that Brett Anderson of Suede look over him. Somehow I thought that he was in a band called Easy Action (this must have been 1982). I think his name was Ola Andersson.

So when I was told that Easy Action was doing a show at the Ritz in early 1984, I thought it would be fun to go and see this band with Ola Andersson. Of course it turned out to be another Easy Action. But what a show!

What do you remember from the show at Ritz?

When I look through my 150 negatives from the show, I can see great hair and fantastic clothes. The show must have been very loud because their hair is so high and big! It was a saturday in the winter of 1984, Feb 11:th to be precise. All the shows at Ritz started at midnight. Ritz was and will always be the far best rock club in Stockholm. A legend!

Zinny Zan I had seen at the Ritz before. He used to hang out there. Very glam!
Kee Marcello (I remember him more as Kjell Lövbom) must have been a regular at Ritz. He played a Harmony Les Paul copy with a tremolo arm.
Look at his outfit, absolutely fantastic! The gloves, tight pants and leather boots from Sko-Uno.
Alex Tyrone (Peo Thyrén) on bass was quite different from his days with Noice. A true rocker though. Nice white boots and a GibsonThunderbird.
Fredrik von Gerber was hidden behind the drums and i don´t have a decent shot of him. That´s a pity. I can see a lot of spikey hair on some of the shots though!
Christoffer “Chris Lynn” Lind I knew nothing of. But he somehow was in the center of the stage, in front of Fredrik, and he played a Les Paul black beauty and a gold top Les Paul. Fantastic hair again. Must have the biggest I had ever seen. A great performer! He wore a shiny short silver or gold jacket.

These prints are the first I have ever done, 24 years after the show. The negatives have always been stored in my archive and I am proud to be able to show you these first six prints. You are the first ones ever to see them. From looking through them, I can tell you it was a hell of a show!
Johan Ödmann
Stockolm, Oct 2007

Chris 1984, Photo: Johan Ödmann Zinny & Alex 1984, Photo: Johan Ödmann Kee 1984, Photo: Johan Ödmann Zinny & Kee 1984, Photo: Johan Ödmann Alex 1984, Photo: Johan Ödmann Chris 1984, Photo: Johan Ödmann  

"On that night Rusty Egan, former drummer with Rich Kids, was in the audience. It was very mich thanx to him, and his publishing company Metropolis Music, that we got our record deal with Warner Music. " - Alex Tyrone 



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