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About halfway into the shoot, Mats-Helges loving wife Madde came on set, bringing their two kids. At lunchtime we amused ourselves with teaching the British girls how to say things in Swedish. We gave Tina Shaw a line. When asking what the line meant Zinny said, ”It means your husband is a little rascal!!” Kee struggled to get the pronunciation right, leaving no details behind. Ten minutes later Tina approached Mats-Helges wife Madde, who sat down and therefore suddenly found herself staring straight down Tina’s enormous cleavage. While looking her straight in the eyes Tina happily said, in Swedish, with a slight English accent; ”Jagg harr ronkat din man!” (”I jerked off your husband!”...) Madde, who looked a little confused could only say; ”… excuse me?” So Tina goes one more time, a bit louder and more articulate, somewhat proud over her new knowledge of the Swedish language. ” … JAGG – HARR – RONKAT – DIN – MAN!!!”

It was funny at the time. But had we understood the pressure a working relationship, with much time spent apart, could be under we probably would had found it less funny. Easy Action at this time was just five happy go lucky kids, on the verge of international stardom. Little did we know that almost in the same order that we were killed off in the movie, within one year three members would not be a part of the band anymore. As Kee was decapitated in the film, ”heads would roll” within the band, and the title ”Blood Tracks” would become almost a presentiment.

The movie was later re-named ”Shocking Heavy Metal” for the American theatre market, and it has also been released on DVD under that name.

New York Times review:
Blood Tracks
Running Time: 82 Minutes

Starring: Michael Fitzpatrick, Jeff Harding, Naomi Kaneda
Directed by: Mike Jackson

Set in the Colorado Rockies (but filmed in Sweden), this routine slasher film follows a popular rock band (Easy Action) and some models to a mountain cabin where they film a music video. Unknown to this carefree and free-living group, a homicidal mother and her like-minded offspring are out to kill whoever happens to cross their path. Naturally in a horror film of this ilk, everybody does just that but only one at a time. In-between gory attacks by this family from hell, sex and other excuses for nudity fill up screen time. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, All Movie Guide

The finished, and extended, chapter ended up in Peo´s biography "Ett bedårande barns bekännelser" published in Oct. 2009.  You can read about the book right here.



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