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The plot centered about a family, refugees out in no mans land after the mother had killed her abusive alcoholic husband. After hiding in an abandoned factory for 20 years the family mutated into monsters due to exposure to toxic waste, forcing them to kill everybody who came close to avoid exposure. Brilliant!! The rock band Solid Gold (here we go!) had gone out in the wilderness to shoot it’s new video, accompanied by a crew and a bunch of Playboy bunnies. You figure out the rest.

We soon discovered that movie sets are incredibly boring. Make up at 7 AM, wait two hrs. Shoot for ten minutes, wait for lunch, shoot ten more minutes, wait another two hrs. Shoot another twenty minutes and wrap at 5 PM. There wasn’t much to do at night but to drink the boredom away. The producer had done a bang up job at supplying us with free drinks! The new brand of Absolute Vodka, and  Nördic Wölf beer was heavily represented. Volvo had supplied two cars for the shoot, free to use by anyone on the team, but they were to be returned after the movie wrapped. One of the cars was blown up at the end of the shoot.

Boredom led us do examine how alcohol affected your driving capabilities! I take comfort in the fact that there weren’t many people around, so hopefully we didn’t endanger anyone but ourselves. After a few weeks we were bored to death, and some of the guys got romantically involved with some of the girls on set.
One of the girls was named Tina Shaw. She was a very kind and sweet, but her biggest asset as an actress was without a doubt her boobs! Silicon breasts weren’t that common in the mid 80:s, but Tina wouldn’t have needed them anyway.

As for me, I dug deep into the twenty or so videotapes that were at hand. I watched ”The Eagle Has Landed” with Michael Caine and Sven-Bertil Taube (!). ”Lace 1 & 2” with Phoebe Cates. About one week later, when I knew these movies by heart I tried to write a book. I set out to make a modern version of Ulf Lundell´s ”Jack”, set in the rock n´roll industry spiced with juicy details from real life. I only wrote a few pages and then abandoned the idea.



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