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A while ago I had seen the Swedish b movie ”The Ninja Mission”, which despite suffering from any production values at all, had seen decent numbers at the box office. I sort of liked the vague 60´s feeling that the movie (probably unintentional) provided. The director Mats-Helge Olsson had this idea of making cheap movies in this small Swedish town, and make it look like it was shot in different exotic places. He produced maybe one film per year, making pretty good numbers. Though his latest film at the time, ”Sverige åt svenskarna” (Sweden for The Swedes) had totally bombed. It was set in Sweden (for a change) and a lot of people mistook it for being way to nationalistic, based on the title only, but it was just a slightly twisted take on Swedish history.

Unfortunately the film resulted in legal matters for the director Mats-Helge, and he was in prison doing time for financial offences. Rumors had it that some of the actors in the movie were paid in meat (!!) and that the bookkeeping had been a total chaos. We jumped at the idea to make a film with this guy, and Kee volunteered to call him.

”Hi, my name is Kee Marcello and I’d like to speak to Mats-Helge Olsson please.” Kee used his most polite approach when calling the institution. The voice on the other side wouldn’t confirm that Mats-Helge was held there, but if he were we could leave our number and maybe he’d call back …

He called about 20 minutes later, and Kee did all the talking. He went on about our signed deal with Warner Brothers, and that KISS manager was up to manage us. Mats-Helge sounded interested at once. One could guess that the name Warner Brothers probably struck a chord, being one of the largest film distributors in the world. He was in the midst of planning his next film, because his release from prison was only one month away, and it was set in the USA. This time he was going to use American and English actors only, but he would probably have to shoot it somewhere in former Yugoslavia. By the end of the conversation he was so fired up about the idea that he promised to give the band good exposure in the film.

Only a few months after the phone call we were on our way to shoot our first scenes. We were promised a fee of 60.000 SEK (about 12.000 British pounds). We picked up the money in London and smuggled the cash across the border in Zinny’s boots..

We never went to Yugoslavia. The shot took place in the small village of Messlingen, a few miles from Funäsdalen in the north of Sweden. By the time we reached Östersund we called the crew for directions, but we were already an hour too far north…



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