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We went back to an idea that Gerber had presented while designing an album cover. He suggested that the paper would bulge in selected areas … He thought it was a great idea if our crotches would bulge so that the fans could feel, and fantasize about the different members. The idea was quickly turned down, and ridiculed, by Kee and Zinny.

Hans Hatwig, publisher of OKEJ magazine, had come up with a pretty twisted idea that somehow made some sense to us. He pointed out that Alice Cooper had a snake as a pivotal part of his stage show. He thought that Easy Action should also be associated with an animal. After giving it some thought he came up with what he thought was the perfect animal. A goat. The goat would be presented together with us on album covers, appear on posters and of course be a part of the stage show chained to the drum riser. Some animal rights associations would probably have a problem with that last suggestion!

”Goats can be associated with both sexuality and the occult!” he explained with his mild German accent.” It’s going to be exciting and mystical!”

Of course we ignored the whole goat idea, but we stuck with the thought of being associated with an animal. But it would have to be a COOL animal. A black cougar, or a white tiger. The tiger could be kept in a leash and would be great to have when having our pictures taken in our soon to have French manors. I had recently had a black cougar tattooed on my left arm, if we were to use the cougar the other guys would have to get similar tattoos. I for one felt good with that idea, since I had already gone through the pain of getting a tattoo. In the end we couldn’t agree on which animal to use, so the whole idea was eventually dropped..

The videotape of ”KISS Meets The Phantom In The Park” was lying on my living room table. ”Can we watch it?” asked Zinny. ”Nope”, I said. ”It’s an American copy, and Swedish VCR:s can’t handle those. Different color system.. ”. While staring stupidly at the un-useable videotape it suddenly hit me. A movie! That’s the stuff! ”Hey guys, how about if Easy Action made a movie!?” I said. ”What do you mean??”, said Kee while Zinny looked at me as he was feeling sorry for me. To him I had obviously been struck by delusions of grandeur.. But I already envisioned a combination of every rock n´roll movie I had ever seen. ”Help”, ”A Hard Day’s Night”, ”Tommy”, ”Quadraphoenia” and of course the recently released ”Purple Rain”..



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