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A word from Alex Tyrone
(a.k.a Peo Thyrén)

"This is a chapter from my coming book . It´s a work in progress...

The chapter you are about to read, "Blood tracks", deals with the complexities of being an international recording artist, and moviestar at the same time, in the early 80.s. 

So, strap your safety belts on and enjoy the ride to the wonderful world of Spinal Tap in real life! Have fun and rock on kidz!"

Peo Thyrén
Stockholm Oct. 2007

“Blood Tracks”

In a chopper between London’s two main airports Gatwick and Heathrow, I’m trying to grasp the catch 22 situation that Easy Action is experiencing. While I was in NOICE, Ola Håkansson (our former A&R guy) had thoroughly explained the importance of being big in your home country before aiming at the rest of the world. The first thing a major international label would do after gaining interest for an act was to ask how they were doing on the home market. Good sales and platinum albums would guarantee a smoother ride, but without any track record the companies would only ask how they would break a band that hadn’t even been able to succeed on their home turf. That was the situation we were in…

Between a rock and a hard place. If we were to adapt our sound for the Swedish market, we ran a high risk of losing our market in the US and in England. We didn’t wanna change the look and sound of the band, but we would have to reach more people and sell more albums.. ”You guys have way too many tattoos for the Swedish market”, said Ola Håkansson. Perhaps he was right.

Kee, Zinny and me met in my small studio apartment in Stockholm the day after I came back to Sweden. Since my plan was to move abroad in the near future I felt I didn’t have a need for a bigger place. This would be a nice place to crash between world tours, plus it was located only 100 yards from The Ritz, which didn’t suck..

The truth was that I was bringing both good and bad news from The States, but we choose to think of everything as good news. First we were gonna become the biggest rock band in Sweden (meaning: bigger than Europe..) Then Bill Aucoin would make us one of the biggest bands in the world!

We talked about different ideas on how Easy Action would go further. I had an idea about a theatrical stage show, in a sort of horror movie feel. The show would start with the roadies, dressed in monk robes, carrying Zinny in a casket and placing it center stage. Zinny would start singing lying in the casket, but jump out when we reached the chorus on the first song. Kee and Zinny were mildly amused …



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